Honor to the fallen

And the retaking of The Chalice

The party slinked back into the Lusty Mermaid to regroup, when dusk fell they took Maltors body up to the Gray Hill, the burial ground of Dol Acara. Among some ruined columns they found what seemed to be a statue of a blindfolded woman with a raven perched upon her shoulder. In silence the three remaining heroes built a small funeral pyre. Maltor was placed upon the pyre in his armor and with his sword. Zuram lit the pyre. The flames started up. For a couple of moments they just stood there and watched as their fallen comrade and captain slowly got consumed by the flames.

They all spoke a few words in honor of the fallen.

A sudden fluttering of wings and Yera landed upon D├Ârnaars shoulder. She held a ring in her beak, she dropped it on to the ground. She then spoke in a soft female voice that seemed to emanate from all around the burial grounds:
“Thank you for returning him to me, you have drawn my eyes and shall watch with great interest. For now accept this boon.”

The raven took flight into the night and suddenly the flames that licked the pyre turned indgo and dark blue, Maltors body got lifted up in the air and with burst of dark flame his body turned to cinders.

Zurams expression was determined, his fateful decision finally made.

The remaining heroes then regrouped and launched a raid behind enemy lines. The swiftly moved in to the temple grounds in a attempt to wrestle the The Chalice from the enemy. They succeed in stealthily gaining access to the tower where the artifact has been locked away. Inside the find a chained up Fomorian Giant who they deftly circumvent and proceed to butcher the remaining defenders. They acquire the Chalice however the alarm is sound, they now starts to climb up through the tower and repelling down the outside into a wagon that incidentally was parked in just the right place. On the way out Ika struck a blow to the tower structure that caused the tower to slowly collapse while our heroes rides the wagon down the hill.

To be continued…



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