Retaking The Chalice

The after Zurams return the land of the living as revenant the party quickly moved on The Chalice position.

Tracking the artifact to wooden building they discovered enemy sentries outside. A hasty decition to storm the building resulted in a avengers style entrance and a brutal battle inside.

The bottom floor, a long hall that had been repurposed into a interigation and torture area was suddenly swarmed with Temple Men at Arms. After our heroes laid waste to half of them a second wave came from the upper floor and surprised the party. Crossbowmen lined the loft balcony and started to plug Zuram with bolts, temporarily bring him down. Next entered Valentine Artos Kazer II and laid down a salvo of gun fire amongst our heroes tipping the tide of the battle. Next we pick up as the crew needs to kill or be killed in this gruesome assault.



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