Nadya Sphiel Qijeon

A Mysterious woman, trapped in the Shadowfel


Nadya Sphiel Qijeon is pale elf woman with a regal stance. She wears a white revealing silk gown with a deep cleavage. She walks with grace and purpose. Her shoulder length wavy hair whips in the ashen Shadowfel wind. Her eyes glows with a cold blue light.


Nadya Sphiel Qijeon was an elven queen and sovereign of the elven kingdom of Anril. She was a Grand Seer of the Prismatic Order and perhaps the most accomplished divination practitioner of the Second Age. She is however better known by her alias “The Queen of Sorrows”

She was born in to royalty and early on showed great promise, her powers of foretelling manifested early and she was the youngest member of the Prismatic Order. When she was called upon to rule she used her powers for wisdom and guidance, during her time the kingdom of Anril flourished and thrived for centuries in peace. During the War of Reckoning she formed the Great Alliance and her powers and leadership where key to victory versus the spawns of hell. As the centuries passed she grew distant and eventually she became secluded, she evolved her power and delved deep in the mysteries of the multiverse.

She had not been seen for a decade when she finally resurfaced, yet something had changed within her, her eyes burned with feverish blue flame she ordered the borders to Anril closed and all contact with the outside world cut off. Many believe that the strain she endured during the War of Reckoning somehow broke her will. Others believe that the Archdukes corrupted her.

Not a year since her return she declared war on the Grand Alliance that she had once formed, her former allies were taken unaware and she quickly laid waste to their lands beginning a rain of terror and despair. This was the beginning of the War of Sorrows, that lasted for seven years. Rituals and horrible experiments were fueled by the enslaved people of the Alliance as her conquest ravaged their homes. Eventually her armies were defeated by the last stand of the Alliance, to busy with her experiments she did not foresee what happened next. The Alliance mustered their last forces to assail her tower in a desperate attempt to cut the head of the snake. She was executed for here atrocities in her own throne room by the Captain of the Allied Company, a man by the name of Ser Heimon Vrakhar. This marked the end of the War of Sorrows.

Nadya Sphiel Qijeon

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