A handsome stranger, a mysterious character fueled by violence and pain.
Always with a gleeful smile and a piercing gaze.

Slenderly built but with a strong muscular posture that is fully visible even with an armor.
Almost as if he is more powerful than his body would allow.


Harsh upbringing even before his parents where killed during the persecution of all Genashi where he grew up.
He was saved by a family of thieves, not trying to take care of this young boy, but using him as a distraction when killing and stealing from the poor and helpless.
His sense of empathy and compassion, while small to begin with, was lost as early as the age of 7.

When he turned 9, an argument with his “family” ended with him killing his performing mother by looking her deep in the eyes while strangling her.
Hi father had died the week prior, and while he had no feeling for him, he was the only connection he had to the crooked thieves.
He set the mansion on fire and watched his siblings burn while thinking about how beautifully the moonlight looked against the fires reddish glare.
An almost joyous feeling, if he could have felt, filled him.

After killing and robbing his way up the ranks in a fair amount of establishments he joined the army, where he learned to be a more efficient killer.
to be continued…


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