Arc of the Morning Lords
And the corruption with the Order of the Dawn

Three friends returned to Fort Dawn the high seat of the Order of the Dawn only to find it corrupted by a splinter cell called the Crimson Flame.

They are contacted by their old mentor a cleric named Father Crusco who ask them to leave the Order with him as the Order has fallen from grace. Father Crusco also implores the characters to rescue a high priority prisoner from the dungeons and escape the island fort and hide on the main land.

The characters manage to escape with prisoner however not all goes as planed. Father Crusco gets murdered by Viscount Viscardi, a long standing rival to our heroes and member of the Crimson Flame.

The characters take refuge in sleekmoor a small town in the middle of a massive swamp. After making deals with three crones they learn that they must seek an old prophesy to find the answers they are looking for.

When the dust settles

Dörnaar slowly came to consciousness, a massive headache ponding his reptile skull. “What did I drink last night…” He murmured mostly to him self.

A soft female voice responded “I’m not sure, it almost killed you”.

Dörnnar opened one of his eyes, pain shot through his head, intense and unrelenting. Feeling dizzy he tried to sit up only to collapse back down. Turning his head he saw a red man in a blackened plate armor siting by a small flickering fire methodically sharpening his sword. The man was wearing his arm in a sling and thoughtfully starred into the fire. “Oh that guy, what was his name… Lazaroth yeah thats it” he thought.

Focusing on the dark form above him he saw the silhouette of slender tall woman. “Who are you..?” He said in a cracked voice.

" My name is Quillathe i was on a ship coming of the coast when we saw the cataclysm, a violent storm of energy atop of the mountain, naturally I told the captain to put me to shore, a opportunity like this cannot be wasted, imagine what one might learn off such a powerful phenomenon. I found the red man first, laying in a ravine, he was beaten up with a couple of broken ribs and his armor all scorched black. Two days later I found you in heap of rocks at base of cliff, apparent you had fallen of the cliff side, That was two weeks ago. " she said.

Dörnaars mind raced, so he had been unconscious for two weeks, hell of a drink. Wait, it had not been a drink. The memories flooded back in and the battle upon the terrace became clear in his mind. Zuram dead… sudden anger burst through his veins like fire, the throbbing pain in his body fading away as the fire rage through his body. The rage faded as soon as it came and the pain came crashing back. He look up at the woman, " “There were more of us, a half giant and man in silver mask.” He wheezed.

“I have only found the two of you” Said the woman.

Ika was surrounded by darkness how long he had been in the void he could not say, perhaps eons. A small light was flickering in the distance. A pin of light in a universe of crushing darkness. What hope was there after all? Non could withstand the cold darkness.

Sometime later the light burned brighter with a warm glow. Ika stirred the darkness shrinking, warmth returning to his form. He tried to rise, violent pain shot through his abdomen feeling around the source pf the pain his hybrid hand grasped around what felt like branch wet with blood. He opened his eyes, he filched he was several hundred feet up, hanging from a tree that was perched on the cliff side. No, not hanging he was impaled on a tree perched on the cliff side. “How can I live…” He thought. He looked down at his hybrid hands covered with black blood, his werewolf blood must have kept him alive… He focused his senses at the light, is seemed to be a camp fire further down the cliff face.


A cold wind tore across the plains of despair slowly dispersing the dust revealing a blade partially buried in the ashen ground. The blade was thin and straight the hilt intricately woven with black cloth. The reflection on the smooth surface of the blade flicked like a flame only to slowly die down. For an instance a pair of ice cold blue eyes flashes across the surface and then disappear like it never was there. The winds of the Shadowfel howled tearing into the horizon, a terrible storm was about to be birthed. Thunder rolled over the mountains and a pale hand drew the sword from it’s resting place.

Kazer II's Ruin
A Race to the Silver Terrace

After reclaiming The Chalice the party stole some horse to ride north along the coast line. Before long they were followed by Valentine Artos Kazer II and his men.

The Party laid an ambush in the treeline, quickly dispatching the enemy. Kazer II tried to run, but was caught by Norixious Dönaar who grappled him with his chains. Drawing deep from his wild magic Dörnaar opened Kazer II mouth and poured toxic gas mixed with acid into to the enemy’s lungs, finally destroying Kazer II.

The party reached the mountain and The Shepherd opened a gateway to The Shadowfel. Hiking up the mountain was difficult as the party was harrowed by visions of the past, the despair of The Shadowfel ever present. During night Lazaroth discovers a sea of undead creatures climbing up the mountain, advancing onto the partys position. The party scrambled to get to the summit, fighting undead along the way. Suddenly a great purple worm busted out the cliff side, devouring half of the party. Zuram quickly cut the worm with Vrakahar forcing it to release his fellow party members. Finally the party reached the summit with thousands of undead and purple worm chasing after them, they realized that someone was waiting for them at the top. A woman in a silky white gown, black hair and blue eyes, emanating a ice cold glow. The Woman is know as Nadya Sphiel Qijeon

Honor to the fallen
And the retaking of The Chalice

The party slinked back into the Lusty Mermaid to regroup, when dusk fell they took Maltors body up to the Gray Hill, the burial ground of Dol Acara. Among some ruined columns they found what seemed to be a statue of a blindfolded woman with a raven perched upon her shoulder. In silence the three remaining heroes built a small funeral pyre. Maltor was placed upon the pyre in his armor and with his sword. Zuram lit the pyre. The flames started up. For a couple of moments they just stood there and watched as their fallen comrade and captain slowly got consumed by the flames.

They all spoke a few words in honor of the fallen.

A sudden fluttering of wings and Yera landed upon Dörnaars shoulder. She held a ring in her beak, she dropped it on to the ground. She then spoke in a soft female voice that seemed to emanate from all around the burial grounds:
“Thank you for returning him to me, you have drawn my eyes and shall watch with great interest. For now accept this boon.”

The raven took flight into the night and suddenly the flames that licked the pyre turned indgo and dark blue, Maltors body got lifted up in the air and with burst of dark flame his body turned to cinders.

Zurams expression was determined, his fateful decision finally made.

The remaining heroes then regrouped and launched a raid behind enemy lines. The swiftly moved in to the temple grounds in a attempt to wrestle the The Chalice from the enemy. They succeed in stealthily gaining access to the tower where the artifact has been locked away. Inside the find a chained up Fomorian Giant who they deftly circumvent and proceed to butcher the remaining defenders. They acquire the Chalice however the alarm is sound, they now starts to climb up through the tower and repelling down the outside into a wagon that incidentally was parked in just the right place. On the way out Ika struck a blow to the tower structure that caused the tower to slowly collapse while our heroes rides the wagon down the hill.

To be continued…

Disastrous Defeat
Maltor is reunited with his Queen

The smoke clears from the barrel of a pistol. With a malicious grin Valentine Artos Kazer II ends the life of Maltor. Shoting his unconscious form already collapsed in bloody heap on the floor. Madness shines in Kazers eyes as he gives a high pitched laugh.

The battle turns to a fatal slugfest, eventually only Ika Banehammer aka the doctor still stands and is forced to retreat. Norixious Dönaar and Zuram are mortally wounded and are captured. The Chalice still in enemy hands.

Ika Banehammer aka the doctor returns to The Shepherd to gather aid. After regrouping Ika, The Shepherd and a mysterious soldier, apparently a associate of The Shepherd lunches a breakout mission!

Retaking The Chalice

The after Zurams return the land of the living as revenant the party quickly moved on The Chalice position.

Tracking the artifact to wooden building they discovered enemy sentries outside. A hasty decition to storm the building resulted in a avengers style entrance and a brutal battle inside.

The bottom floor, a long hall that had been repurposed into a interigation and torture area was suddenly swarmed with Temple Men at Arms. After our heroes laid waste to half of them a second wave came from the upper floor and surprised the party. Crossbowmen lined the loft balcony and started to plug Zuram with bolts, temporarily bring him down. Next entered Valentine Artos Kazer II and laid down a salvo of gun fire amongst our heroes tipping the tide of the battle. Next we pick up as the crew needs to kill or be killed in this gruesome assault.

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