Kazer II's Ruin

A Race to the Silver Terrace

After reclaiming The Chalice the party stole some horse to ride north along the coast line. Before long they were followed by Valentine Artos Kazer II and his men.

The Party laid an ambush in the treeline, quickly dispatching the enemy. Kazer II tried to run, but was caught by Norixious Dönaar who grappled him with his chains. Drawing deep from his wild magic Dörnaar opened Kazer II mouth and poured toxic gas mixed with acid into to the enemy’s lungs, finally destroying Kazer II.

The party reached the mountain and The Shepherd opened a gateway to The Shadowfel. Hiking up the mountain was difficult as the party was harrowed by visions of the past, the despair of The Shadowfel ever present. During night Lazaroth discovers a sea of undead creatures climbing up the mountain, advancing onto the partys position. The party scrambled to get to the summit, fighting undead along the way. Suddenly a great purple worm busted out the cliff side, devouring half of the party. Zuram quickly cut the worm with Vrakahar forcing it to release his fellow party members. Finally the party reached the summit with thousands of undead and purple worm chasing after them, they realized that someone was waiting for them at the top. A woman in a silky white gown, black hair and blue eyes, emanating a ice cold glow. The Woman is know as Nadya Sphiel Qijeon



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