Leaine Rotaru, High Pristess of Dol Acara


Leaine Rotaru is a half elf with blonde hair blue cold eyes and pale skin.

She wears a silver white gawn of silks that is cut to reveal her legs on either side and has a deep cleavage.

On her head rests the Tiara of Erathis, a platina crown set with fire opals.

She wields a smooth metal staff of unyielding force and its low thuds echoes through the temple when she walks.

She also wears a remarkable silver ring with a single Ruby.

Leaine Rotaru is cold and ruthless, she performs public executions for petty crimes and rules Dol Acara with an iron fist.

Current the players and Leaine Rotaru are at odds with each other. They both seek the Chalice for its power.

Leaine Rotaru, High Pristess of Dol Acara

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