Valentine Artos Kazer II


Valentine Artos Kazer second of his name was a Dol Acarian nobel that at a young age fell in love and as a consequence of that formed a company of soldiers and joined the defense of Hellion. During the battle of Gloomwater he was betrayed by his officers and left mortally wounded.

He then disappeared for seven years and recently resurfaced in the village of Velach where he exacted his vengeance upon his former officers.

At this time the High Priestess of Dol Acara issued a bounty to have him captured and brought to the temple. The players were charged with the task, however this turned to be a dangerous job. Kazer II ambushed the players, he took out Maltor with one shot, and wounded several of the players.

Eventually the players managed to apprehend Kazer and bring him to Dol Acara clasped in chains.

Some time later Kazer yet again crossed paths with the players but now in charge of a company of temple guards, seemingly at the rank of captain. He is know to wield firearms and swords, he also favors poison.

Valentine Artos Kazer II

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