Arc of the Morning Lords

And the corruption with the Order of the Dawn

Three friends returned to Fort Dawn the high seat of the Order of the Dawn only to find it corrupted by a splinter cell called the Crimson Flame.

They are contacted by their old mentor a cleric named Father Crusco who ask them to leave the Order with him as the Order has fallen from grace. Father Crusco also implores the characters to rescue a high priority prisoner from the dungeons and escape the island fort and hide on the main land.

The characters manage to escape with prisoner however not all goes as planed. Father Crusco gets murdered by Viscount Viscardi, a long standing rival to our heroes and member of the Crimson Flame.

The characters take refuge in sleekmoor a small town in the middle of a massive swamp. After making deals with three crones they learn that they must seek an old prophesy to find the answers they are looking for.



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