Lore of the Desecrator

During the war of the beginning at a time of great despair a Elour spirit stepped forth with bold plan to seal the Harbingers away form our world. He’s name was Vourga, a powerful spirit filled with arcane knowledge, renowned by his peers for being exceptionally intelligent and bold. Vourga proposed that the Elour pour some of their life essence inte a great barrier, that barrier would later become known as The Veil. A weave of arcane laylines that would shield the world from the harbingers.

During the powerful ritual many Elour fought to defend Vourga and his Acolytes as they siphoned the powers of the world in to the construction of The Veil. Only Vourga survived the effort.

After the war of the beginning the remaining decided to rebuild the world, they called this new beginning Sanctuary. After the war many spirits wished for order and peace while others yearned for freedom and change. So Elour split into two Factions the Sculptors and the Dreamers, together they shaped Sanctuary as we know it now. As time passed the factions distanced them selfs keeping to their own ideologies, this marked the beginning of Age of Discord and the War of the Creators began.

As was one of the most prominent leaders of the Dreamers, Vourga created many beautiful things and he was one of the first to appose the Sculptors in their need for order and stability. When hostilities broke out he was a terrible force among the Dreamers. The only one powerful enough at the time to contain him was his hated adversary the Sculptor Lathander. After years of conflict the greatest calamity of the Elour finally struck, a illness that drove them mad, making the once proud Elour spirits selfish, malicious, greedy apathetic, hungry for power and dominion. This illness were called the illness of Discord. The conflict was seemingly endless and both Dreamers and Sculptors succumbed to the illness alike. Eventually the leaders of both Factions called a cease fire as so many of their ranks had fallen pray to the Discord a new greater threat was imminent. As their mad brethren ramapged across Sanctuary reeking havoc and death across the continents the last of the remaining Dreamers and Sculptors banded together to save what was left of their creation. Thus began the age of reckoning that lead to the First Age of the Mortal races.

Vourga was finally cornered by Lathander, Corellon and Kord and together they fashioned a prison for the mad spirit. Corellon Harp was placed to forever lock Vourga the Desecrator in the deepest of dungeons

Lore of the Desecrator

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