The Prophesy of the Awakening

Form the "The Prophesy of the Awakening ", written by Scholar Edyn Olanth, year 669 Third Age.

The collection of rumors around the “Awakening” has been circling around in the wilderness for some time, the council has appointed me as Lore Master and thus i falls to me to gather what is know about these rumors. My original hypotheses was that this was just yet another cult or superstition of the less educated. However when I delved into our records I realized the “The Awakening” was referenced in certain tomes from the Second Age. I found these stanzas in the works of the Elven Queen Grand Seer Nadya Sphiel Qijeon, sovereign of the kingdom of Anril, who is better known by her alias “The Queen of Sorrow”. She was responsible for the great defilement of the western lands and ultimately The War of Sorrows. What few know is that before she allegedly became insane she was revered as the most accomplished divination practitioner in the Second Age.

First stanza, originally from the 13th Chronicle of Grand Seer Nadya Sphiel Qijeon, year 2067, Elven Calendar, Seconed Age.

Page 231
“The first sign of the awakening is when the mists of the dead gather along the coast to witness the transcendence of the misguided.”

Second Stanza, origianlly from the 76th Chronicle of Grand Seer Nadya Sphiel Qijeon, year 2314, Elven Calendar, Seconed Age.

Page 1047
“The second sign of the Awakening is when the vessel of life is crushed upon the altar of despair.”

Now things become murkier, as the records from the end of the Second Age are scarce due to the chaos of the War of Sorrows.

During the final assult on her tower The Queen is told to have fallen in a seizure speaking incomprehensible gibberish, however in a brief moment of clarity she spoke of omens, this last phrase were captured by scribes.

Third stanza, originally from the account of the last sorrow, unknown author, and year 2386, Elven Calendar, end of the Second Age.

“The final sign of the Awakening is when the Lords of the Morning again walks the earth and The Grand Relics resurface. This is when the judgment of the Harbringer condemns all sentient life and the fate of Sanctuary will be decided…”

The record was never completed as the room was stormed by Alliance soldiers and the Queen of Sorrow was executed for her atrocities.

I am convinced that these rumors are connected the old texts of the Second Age. However I struggle with their meening. The referenced mists we have no records of nor do I have any clue to what the “transcendence of the misguided” might imply, The vessel of life might be a analogy but could also refere to a Artifact know as The Chalice that legend holds was created by the God Moradin as gift to Goddess Melora.

Now what I find truely facinating is the last quote, now the Lords of the Morning might be a reference to the ledgend of when the sun god Lathander blessed five mortals to take up arms against the darkness of Ahkenholst during the battle of Maran pass. According to the ancient story the five warriors faught Bane himself on the slopes of Mount Maran, however I consider this a mere mythological story to frighten children as no evidence of such an events has ever been presented and it’s original source can’t be verified. Now as the tale fortells Lathander and his allies bestoed gifts to the five mortals, powerful artifacts that imbued them with the power to fight and perhaps even hurt Bane himself. It should also be noted that some fanatics claims that the Lance of Lord Darious Of Silvermyre, commonly known as the Lance of Faith might be such a relic, while the lance is a iconic symbol of our order no prof of divine power has ever been witnessed.

Scribled Note: An acount of these artifacts can be found in the Ilvalice library. I consider them no more than a fairytale as the author was an eccentric fool. The tome was writen during the Third Age by Scholar Verat Ashton and the title reads “The Grand Relics: And the hidden truth”

The Prophesy of the Awakening

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